K12 Gallery & TEJAS are dedicated to the community of Dayton; its people and places are what fuel our creative ambition. Within the last 20 years, K12 has overseen the creation and installation of many pubic artworks in the Dayton area. We work with local artists, community members, and organizations to complete these large scale public works of art. Our current partnership with the Montgomery County Juvenile Court Program, HAALO, encourages at-risk teens to participate in the creation of artwork and to have a sense of pride in the rejuvenation their artwork brings to the urban landscape around them. From mosaic murals and metal sculpture on Fifth Street to 10 giant scale master replica murals installed on buildings on the corner of Sears and Third Streets, K12/TEJAS is continually developing new projects that will bring art into neighborhoods and streets of Dayton for years to come.

Public Art Currently on Display:

PNC 2nd Street Public Market Mural

St. Vincent DePaul

30/60/90 murals on the Courthouse Building

Habitat for Humanity Mural

The Glen at St. Joseph’s Mural

Fifth Street Mosaic Mural

Vinegar Hill Dedication Sculpture

HAALO Master Replica Paintings (Phase I and II)

TEJAS inspired art installations by Leesa Haapapuro, Donivan Hahn, and Jessica McMillan.

K12 Gallery & TEJAS door handles created by Hamilton Dixon.

Garden Station Mural Painting created by Lily Whitehead

Corner Cupboard Mosaic Mural

Hospice of Dayton Mosaic


Want to get involved? Volunteer to work on large scale public art pieces. Work alongside students and professional artists, help prepare materials, or give a monetary donation to support the Public Art Program. Find more information at www.k12gallery.com or www.tejasgallery.org.